Abdul Jabar Pordili, the new police chief of Baghlan

Abdul Jabar Pordili, the new police chief of Baghlan

Ministry of Interior Affairs recently appointed Abdul Jabar Pordili as the new police chief of Baghlan replacing Aminullah Amarkhail after the changes in the top leadership.

Baghlan is one of the relatively insecure province of Northern Afghanistan. Since the fall of Taliban, the province has seen more than 10 police chief. And now, once again, the political and security condition have changed all over Afghanistan, especially Northern Afghanistan, making the job of the police chief even more challenging.

For instance, in the past, most of the police chiefs were welcomed with flowers and generous gifts. Later, those who had bestowed these gifts returned with a list of favours, which if the chief refused, caused conflicts.

And so Pordili’s first challenge will be dealing with this situation. It remains to be seen how he will react to the demands of tribal elders and lords.

Apart from this, there is a list other challenges that Pordili can expect as a police chief in Baghlan:

1. Interference of MPs and provincial council members in police establishment of this province;

2. Local lords who refuse to obey law and order and use public facilities for their own personal interests;

3. Locals and even some government officials who sympathise with the insurgents;

4. Individuals who carry weapons illegally and without accountability;

5. Dealing with the procurement and logistics of the police force;

6. Pressure to support politically favoured individuals;

7. Attempts to release criminals and terrorists from prisons and lack of following them up.

8. Face the political, ethnic and social segregation within the Baghlan province. Will the new police chief fight against this or give up?

That said, what the people of Baghlan really want security and implementation of law and order. These are main expectations from the newly appointed chief of police.


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