One the country’s first digital cold storage facility was recently build and launched in Balkh earlier this month, reports Paiwandgāh Citizen Journalist Abdul Bashir Sarwary.

Work on this new agricultural and animal produce storage facility was initiated and executed with the help of German based GIZ and cost around 2.5 million dollars. This storage facility comes as relief for farmers who have few means of preserving their produce.

One the Afghansitan's first digital cold storage facility brings economic and logistic relief to farmers in Balkh

One the Afghansitan’s first digital cold storage facility brings economic and logistic relief to farmers in Balkh

Built to meet international standards, the facility employs digital technology that automatically controls temperatures to suit needs. It holds a 1000 tonne capacity and houses 11 units on a two hectares of land near Maulana Jalaluddin Balkhi airport road.

Farmers can make use of this service by paying small fee to rent space in the facility.


Lack of electricity, however, is seen as the primary challenge to this project.

Farmers in Balkh have lauded the efforts and see this as a step forward towards modernizing agriculture in the region. They’ve urged the government to create more such opportunities in the agriculture sector.

This comes as economic and logistical relief for farmer who are often forced to ship their produce to Peshawar in Pakistan, an effort that eats into their profits.

Lack of electricity, however, is seen as the primary challenge to this project.

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A new digital cold storage facility in Balkh brings relief to local farmers

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