In perhaps a first of its kind, seven players of national football team announced their resignation on Facebook, on Wednesday. They said they will quit as soon as they play the last game with Kirghizistan on Tuesday.

Islamudin Amiri, the skipper and captain of the Afghan National Football team made the statement along with another six players, citing problems within the team.

The following Players 1- Islam Amiri (Captain)2- Mujtaba faiz 3- Belal Arezou 4- Rafi Barekzai5- Hashmtullah…

Posted by Zohib Islam Amiri on Sunday, March 29, 2015

In another report, Amiri said that there were some problems between the national team players residing in Afghanistan and those living in Germany.

He also clarified that they don’t have any issues with the football federation, but are facing obstacles from those players from abroad who’ve joined the team. He complained that they are given more authority and local players are not considered well.

Islamudin Amiri, Bilal Arzo, Mujtaba Fiaz, Rafiullah Barakzai, Amrudin Sharifi, Farzad Atai, and Hashmatullah Barakzai have posted a collective picture and said that they have all resigned from the national team.

The news was received with a mixed reaction by fans on the social media platform. Around 6,000 Facebook users have liked the news on Islam Amiri timeline, and more than 500 have commented on the post. Most of them have asked the Football captain to elaborate t on the reasons of their resignation. But some of the disappointed fans have gone so far as to accused them of not loving their country and football.

Afghan National Football Team

Afghan National Football Team

Reactions after the news spread
A Facebook user, Prince Afghanistan, wrote, “We don’t expect such behavior from you. Most of you are the senior members of the football team. The national team was getting better and was recently recognized. What went wrong that you took such an extreme decision. This is a really bad decision.”

“You showed that you did not want to be part of the national team. You only think about your personal interests as others do,” he accused.

Another Facebook user, Tamim Amiri, wrote, “I want to write you in one sentence – if you had only taken one glance at the audience that attended the match between Afghanistan and Iran, you would have never quit the team. What is the difference between you and those who are safeguarding the lands and desserts, and borders of Afghanistan and live far from their families? Even if they don’t have money for lunch or dinner, but they still raise the Afghan flag. Are they not human beings too? Don’t they have problems? Do they not have a heart? Do they not love life? They do all this for their country and to raise our flag. They have sidelined any other priority, but to keep and safeguard the country. Now, you can decide and judge.”

Clarification on resignation
Amiri clarified reasons for resignation on his Facebook page. In no time, he was flooded with hundreds questions.

سلام هموطنان عزيز : در اين روزها از طريق رسانه هاي نوشتاري بعضي از شايعات بخش شده كه دليل بركنار رفتن اين بازيكنان ضعي…

Posted by Zohib Islam Amiri on Monday, March 30, 2015

A certain, Muhammad Afghan wrote, “Without any doubt, your problem is understandable, but you are playing for the country and its people, not for a few specific people. This is why you should not quit the national team.”

Afghan players soccer go to Kirgizstan

Afghan players soccer go to Kirgizstan

Another social media user, Nazar Muhammad Wahidi, wrote, “I agree with the comments made by all friends here, but, all problems can be solved. Don’t take decisions in a hurry; it will destroy our proud team.”

Another Facebook user, Noorullah Ahmadi, wrote, “Dear youth, why do you create problems? Why don’t you try to solve them? Please disclose the name of those who have created problems and ask for solutions.”

Officials from Football federation have not commented so far, but it is believed that the problem will be resolved.
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Seven players of Afghan National Football team announce resignation on Facebook

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