After several demands by students, teachers and principals from schools across the country, the Ministry of Education has decided to change the black and white uniforms of the female students.

The black and white uniform have been in use since the time of King Amanullah Khan, it was reported.

However, students associated the colour black with sorrow as well as a color that is mostly worn during funerals. On the other hand, the black color also tends to be extremely uncomfortable during summer.

School girls in Kabul

School girls in Kabul

Paiwandgah spoke with girl students as well as our citizen journalists, who have welcomed the move:

I’ll be happy with the change in school uniform. Now it is spring season and the weather is good and the current uniform works well, but during summer the weather gets hotter, and it becomes difficult to wear the black uniform. Change in color will make students more comfortable in the summer, helping them to better focus on their studies. – Nagina, class 10 student in Kabul.

Changing the school uniform is a good step forward. So many students already appreciate the initiative. I see students talking about it and they seem very happy. Personally, I prefer bluish-gray (steel) color for the new uniform. The change in uniform will definitely have positive effect. – Ziba, science teacher in one of Kabul schools.

I think the current black uniform is fine. We only need to add another blue color coat, which will make it even nicer. Such bright colors can have a positive effect on your life. I prefer bright colors in comparison to white color. We welcome this decision by the Ministry of Education. The change in uniform will surely have a positive psychologically affect on the students. – Farishta, class 9 student in Kabul.

The black color uniform currently used has a negative impact. Besides, it absorbs the sun rays, and is not healthy for the children. Even psychologists are of the opinion that black color can depress a person. We must have bright color uniform in primary classes. It will encourage students to go to schools happily. Colors in the classroom can also play a vital role in students’ learning process. Blue colors are good. If Ministry of Education does chose the blue color for female school uniforms, they can bring positive change in how the girls view education. These colors can bring peace to students. – Shamayil Fazli from Baghlan.

It is a very good move to change the uniform. Students in our area are fed up of the black uniform they currently wear. Black color can absorb sun rays and germs, and create health problems. Gray color is a good alternative. It is very simple and can be easily cleaned and washed. In terms of health, too, gray color is the better than others. – Hamida Wafayi from Daikundi.

It is a good move to replace the black uniform. If we change the school uniform, we can bring discipline and order to the schools. All students must wear the school uniform when it is introduced. Psychologically, too, black is considered to be a cause for depression. On the other hand, blue color is associated with happiness and can have a positive effect on the students. Bright and happy colors can have a good impact on the students. – Asma Razma from Balkh province

School students here wear back uniform with a white chadar (veil). Considering the situation in Kandahar province, we should not change the current uniform for all school years. Ministry of Education can perhaps change the uniform for the primary schools, which will help the students. Brighter colors will of course benefit the students and raise their self-confidence. Green color can be a good alternative. It is associated with being fresh, and can make you feel happy and comfortable. – Masooma Muradi from Kandahar.

School girls in Kabul look forward to the change in the color of their school uniforms

School girls in Kabul look forward to the change in the color of their school uniforms

Bamyan is situated in high altitude. It is cold in winter and hot in summer. Students have to walk long distances to go to schools. Most of them walk for about about one and half hour to reach school. The black uniform absorbs sun rays and can cause health problems to the students. On the other hand, bright color can be healing and relieve tiredness. I wish the Ministry of Education could provide transportation facilities to students from far flung areas. – Marzia from Bamyan.

This decision made by the Ministry of Education can have a positive impact on the students. Students in black uniform seem like they are carrying black flags. It is not a good sign. In far flung areas of Takhar, students don’t wear uniform, resulting in disorderly and undisciplined school systems. All students should wear the new uniform so that it can bring order to the schools. – Muhammad Akmal Maunis from Takhar.

The current black uniform is not good. In provinces like Kandahar, girls have to wear the hijab, so it is very difficult and uncomfortable for them during the hot summer weather, since black color absorbs sun rays. In some places, girls don’t have classroom facilities, and classes are conducted in open space, under direct sunlight. It would be great if they consider green color for the new uniforms. However, in a society like Kandahar, bright colors will be not be advisable. Girls should have very simple color uniforms so that people don’t target them on any occasion. – Parwana Nabi from Kandahar.

It will be good to change the uniform, because even ordinary people wear black clothes often, which is the current school uniform. School uniform must be of same color and style. Currently, however, everyone wears different style of uniforms. We should not choose bright colors as our new uniform, because Afghanistan is a poor country, and people are not able to wash their clothes too often. Secondly, Afghan schools do not have modern infrasructure. There are no chairs, table and sometimes we don’t even have a classroom to sit in. If students wear bright color clothes, it will get dirty very soon with the dust and dirt. – Pashtana from Nangrahar.


Afghan school girls welcome proposal to change color of their black uniforms

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