Sometimes a small idea can bring about a big change.

No cradle has so far rocked by itself, but it is not impossible to imagine that it could. And it was with this idea and conviction that Mostafa Mohammadi, a young Afghan inventor, built what is perhaps the first self-moving cradle. “My children are very naughty children,” he told Paiwandgah. “They demand a lot of my wife’s attention. Seeing this, I decided to create a self-moving cradle for my one-and-half-year old son with very basic tools,” he explains.

The cradle made by Mohammadi looks very simple, is easy to work. It has not only relieved his wife, but also allowed her to sleep peacefully at night.

“When she has work to do during the day, she set the timer on the cradle to five to twenty five minutes. It works on batteries and electricity, so no one is required to monitor it,” Mohammadi adds.

Self rocking cradle built by Mostafa Mohammadi

Self rocking cradle built by Mostafa Mohammadi

But that is not the only thing that Mohammadi has invented. Mohammadi, who was born in Iran, completed his secondary school there, but like most of Afghans he was not able to continue his studies due to economic problems. However, when he returned to Kabul he resumed his studies and graduated from high school despite the financial constrains. Since he couldn’t afford to study further, he began work in the industrial sector, doing jobs like modeling, work with fiber glass, welding and repairing electric tools. He has been doing this for 15 years.

But what shot Mohammadi to fame was a solar car that he build. Images of his creation have gone viral across the Afghan social media, who have welcomed this change in discussion from the usual political discourses to something more progressive.

Explaining how the idea for the car came to him, Mohammadi says, “Initially, I wanted to make a motor bike with a cover to protect me from dust and rain, but then I thought what if it was a car with capacity of more than one person. This was how I made a solar car that you can see.”

Engineer Mostafa Mohammadi with his creation

Engineer Mostafa Mohammadi with his creation

“This car has the capacity of two persons and it costs 90 thousand Afghani,” he adds.

Beside this car, Mostafa Mohammadi has other ideas as well and he is confident that they will all see the light of a future day. Sharing some these with us,  he says. “I have an idea to prevent or reduce the possible causalities after the fall of small airplanes.” He claims that his invention can ensure that crashing airplanes have the least number of casualties.

Another of his ideas involve a vehicle that you can not only drive but also fly! He claims that this device will not be very comfortable but also cost effective.

Many of Mohammadi’s ideas reflect the need of the people of Afghanistan, a country torn by nearly four decades of war. For instance, he plans to design a car especially for the handicapped. Though he did not relieve the designs to Paiwandgah, but he did confirm that event those without arms will be able to ride the vehicle.

Mohammadi has a small workshop called Golbahar in Kabul city where he pursues his dreams. He accepts small and big projects and uses the income to invest on his ideas.

10943028_311418372401306_6521854027206082109_nHe doesn’t expect any support from the government for himself, but raises concern of lack of attention and investment in this area. He urges the government to encourage creative initiatives by the citizens.

After a short pause, Mohammadi adds in conclusion that with strong financial support, his ideas will be change realities in Afghanistan.


#AfghanInventors: After self-rocking cradles and solar-powered cars, Engineer Mostafa Mohammadi set to invent cars that can fly

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