As news of politics and security dominate the Afghan media space this week, we bring to you the third in a series of stories on technological brilliance by the young minds in Afghanistan.

This week, Paiwandgah Citizen Journalist Abdul Aziz Safdary spoke with a young boy from the Girishk district of southern Helmand province, known for its security concerns, who has made a low-cost helicopter from materials easily accessible in the region.


Creation of Ghulam Ishaq Noori, the helicopter that has a capacity to carry one individual, was put on exhibit a few days ago.

Noori graduated from Helmand Mechanical high School, narrates his passion for helicopters. “It has been my dream since childhood to make an airplane,” he says. “I started building this helicopter after I graduated from high school, and built it mostly during my free time,” explains Noori, who, apart from being an engineer, also teaches English language at a private language course .

It took Noori a year and half to complete the copter. “I worked on it one to two hours a day,” he informs.

But due to financial constrains, Noori says that he was not able to create a helicopter with a bigger engine that would have a larger capacity and fly higher and farther. “Its engine has some problems. I knew from the beginning that the engine is small and will not be powerful enough to fly it higher,” he says regretfully, adding that the helicopter cost around Rs.150,000 to build.

Threats and accolades
Even though his project was received positively by many, Noori also received various threats asking him to stop his work on the helicopter.

However, he says, he was supported and encouraged by all his family members, especially his parents. “Many people told me that nothing good will come out of it, but my parents encouraged me both spiritually and financially to continue working. They told me that they had faith in me.”

He said that the Afghan government had promised to help him, but so far he has received no support from them. He urges the Afghan government, especially Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to support youth like him who want to work towards the progress of their country.

He also requested the president to provide him higher education opportunities so that he can create better things in the future.

“I have a plan to make a freight air plane that can carry four to eight passengers, he shares. “But all this is possible only if the government supports me,” he adds.

It is noteworthy to mention that this is not the first time an Afghan teenager has created technological marvels out of basic materials. Our earlier reports have featured youth from across Afghanistan who have created innovative devices with basics materials and scraps. For instance, a child from Bamyan created two machines used in road construction and a missile with the capacity to shoot upto 4Kms; all from scrap and easily available materials.

(Sourced by Raziya Masumi; Written by Muhammad Asif Ziar)


#AfghanInventors: Teenager from Helmand constructs a low-cost helicopter

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