In another achievement that marks the steady progress among youth in Afghanistan, a young Afghan, Mustafa Rezayi, was recently recognised for his invention of a multi-axial centrifuge.

Built with the help of his classmate Reza Wahdat Parast, Rezayi started work on the device while still studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

“All centrifuges which are currently used have one axial. The number of axial in centrifuge has affects its outcome and productivity,” says Rezayi, explaining how his invention works. “The device which is currently used in the world is a single axial centrifuge. It was invented 10 years ago. However, the more you increase the speed of a centrifuge, its productivity will also increase,” adds the young inventor, who spent his formative years in Iran.

The multi-axial centrifuge can be used to separate toxic materials from nontoxic ones. “We have not brought any changes in the speed of the centrifuge, we have changed the device itself, that resulted on the best outcome and productivity,” he further explains.

Future Plans
After the centrifuge with two axial, the team is now working to make a three-axial centrifuge.

But apart from this, Rezayi has collaborated with other young minds as himself, on several other projects. “Another project I worked is a device which can separate materials according to its density. I worked this project with the help of Mujataba Noori. This device can separate liquids from the impure materials. We have received the industrial proprietorship license from the government of Iran,” he shares.


#AfghanInventors: Mustafa Rezayi builds a multi-axial centrifuge

#AfghanInventors: Mustafa Rezayi builds a multi-axial centrifuge

Rezayi  also plans to participate in the Geneva competition which will be organized in April this year, where he will introduce four of his inventions.

Unfortunately though, Rezayi has received little support from the government. “When I first started working on this device, no one supported me. I sent some correspondences to the Ministry of Higher Education as well as Foreign Affairs, but no one responded.”

Patent and Copyrights
“Multi-axial centrifuge is not only my first and last achievement, I have another 10 inventions which have not yet formally been registered,” he shares. “Another big problem in Afghanistan is that there is no governmental or nongovernmental organization that can register inventions. So it is difficult to introduced local inventions to other international organizations and nominated for international competitions. I am still waiting for a platform where I can register my inventions,” he narrates.

#AfghanInventors: Mustafa Rezayi builds a multi-axial centrifuge

#AfghanInventors: Mustafa Rezayi builds a multi-axial centrifuge

Looking at the challenges and problems inventors face in the country, Rezayi wants to establish a union of inventors so that he can connect them with international inventor unions and showcase all Afghan inventions.

He wants to keep the union financially strong, and wants to launch competitions within the country. One of the goals for establish the union is to get international membership of the inventors. “We want to be able to send our teams of inventors to the international competitions in the future,” he adds.


After building a multi-axial centrifuge, Mustafa Rezayi wants to build a union of #AfghanInventors

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