This year’s Cricket World Cup is special to Afghanistan. This is the first appearance of their national team in World Cup series that is watched and followed by millions across the globe.

And even though they didn’t fare as well in the first two matches against Bandgladesh and Sri Lanka, Afghans across the country continued to back their players, proud that they had made it this far.

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In turn, the Afghan cricket team gave their countrymen (and women) a reason to celebrate with their victory in their third match against Scotland, on Thursday.

Needless to say, that Afghans in every province took to the streets to celebrate the winning.

Our citizen journalists sent us reports on how people in their province and region were celebrating:

Gathering at Chawk-i-Shahidan in Kandahar
I congratulate all Afghans on the victory of our national cricket team from bottom of my heart. Today the national cricket players played great till the very last minute of the game. It was beautiful win. Radio Wranga is broadcasting special programs about cricket today in Kandahar city. In the next one hour people will go out of their houses to Chawk-i-Shahidan and Aino mina for celebrating. Chawk-i-Shahidan is a place that has witness of many suicide attacks and dead bodies, but today, after a long time, it will be witness of the people’s happiness. This win shows that stability and peace is what people want. Gun fire in Kandahar city is forbidden and the police chief officer announced that they will arrest the people who do it. – Mohammad Sadiq RishtinaiCelebratory Gunfire and Attan Dances in Khost

Today’s victory of the national cricket team brings happiness to people of Khost. Most of people shot celebratory gun fires but there were others who prevented them from doing since it scared the women and children. Some people are doing Attan which is a traditional dance. Most of people are gathering in Ghazi Babrak Khan Park and dancing and celebrating with friends. There is also an uproar in social media. People are sending their congratulatory message to friends and sharing their happiness together. – Mirajuddin Miraj

Flag Bearing Processions and More Gunfire in Nangarhar
People are so happy in Jalalabad city. They are carrying the Afghanistan flag in their cars around the city. Some people have tied the flags around their heads. They are hugging each other and even the shopkeepers in celebration. There have been many celebratory gun fires in the city, and one child was reportedly injured because of it. People are gathering in Serajulimarat garden for dancing and celebrating. – Mohammad Numan Dost


(Photo Source Naqibullah Rahimi)



(Photo SourceZiarmal Baryal)


Free Food Distribution in Paktia

Haji Samar Gul, a resident from Gardiz city of Paktia province celebrated the Afghan cricket team victory by hosting lunch at a local restaurant for dozens of youth from the city. -Ihsanullah Mahjoor

Celebrating at Locations of Former Terror Attacks in Paktika
Local residents of Argon district in Paktika province have gathered to celebrate the Afghan cricket victory by beating the drums and performing Attans at place where a suicide bomber killed more than 60 civilians few months ago. – Bashir Baran


(Photo Source Bashir Baran)


Tears of Happiness in Kunar

People in Kunar are absolutely overjoyed. Most of them shed tears of joy and say congratulations to each other. – Archiwal


(Photo Source Maiwand Masoud)


Smaller Family Celebrations in Urozgan

People of Urozgan are dancing and sharing their happiness. In last two weeks that our national cricket team lost it had a negative effect on them and made them so sad. But with this unanticipated victory against Scotland, our national players have proven that Afghanistan also can do rise up in the world and make the Afghans proud of themselves. Unfortunately cause of the security issues people can’t come together in big groups here, but they celebrate this blessed victory, individually with to their families. In two districts like Chora and Dehraword, cause of lack of security people can’t even come out of their houses. – Nimatullah Minapal from Urozgan


(Photo Source Afghanistan Cricket Board)



(Photo Source Afghanistan Cricket Board)


Community Wishes in Herat

People of Herat are happy cause of the national cricket team victory and are wishing all Afghans, even though people of Herat aren’t that interested in cricket game because they mostly watch football games. – Saifuddin Sepehr from Herat


(Photo Source Habib Basrat)



(Photo Source Hikmatullah Noori)


Music and Dance in Ghazni

We, the Zhwand civil society members, celebrated the Afghan national cricket team victory with some special ceremonies. We stuck national flags on our cars, played the national anthem and cricket related songs. The entire city was full of cars with Afghan flags on it. They had installed loudspeakers on  their cars and were playing songs. We also performed the Attan. We are so happy for this victory and want to congratulate every Afghan.– Muhammad Farooq Boya Tarakai


(Photo Source Ihsanullah Ihsan)


(Photo Source Ihsanullah Ihsan)




Celebratory gunfire to Attan dances to free food: how Afghans celebrate first victory in #CWC15 match

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