Finally the results for the provincial council election have been announced. The role of women was significantly higher than before. By involving women in important political and social issues, we can encourage them to participate in further.

There are three women who were elected as representative in provincial council from my area. I expect the National Unity Government to create better opportunities for women and give them more positions so they can handle problems of other women.

– Ahmad Farid, Jawzjan


The women’s participating should increase. Probably few women can also help but doing more in the long term can result in a satisfactory outcome.

– Farzana. Ghazni


There are very few women. At least 70% of the candidates should be women. But I believe that the number is not important. A qualified candidate, a woman or even a man, can provide the service equivalent of 20 people. So the question should be, how qualified are these 97 people. There was no awareness about the women’s political participation.

– Qasem Behnod, Kabul


In our traditional country, 97 women can be a satisfactory statistics. Even though women were supported by different governmental organizations, but their largest restrain comes from their families.


– Saifullah Sepehr, Farah


Do you think that 97 women out of 458 winner are a sufficient representation for women?

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