Citizen Journalist Ibrahim Amiri reported that a roadside bomb explosion in De-Mula, Andar district of Ghazni province killed 12 civilians including women and children on Sunday.

The bomb exploded near a civillian vehicle while the passengers were on their way from Qarabagh to Khogyani district. They were traveling on Townace model vehicle. All the passengers of the car were killed.

Officials in Ghazni province said that the bomb was planted by Taliban and killed 12 including women and children, but Taliban militants have not commented on this yet.

Muhammad Ali Ahmadi, deputy provincial governor, confirmed the incident and said that it happened at around 10:00am, today. He blamed Taliban for the explosion and said that the bomb was exploded with a remote control. The bodies of those killed are beyond recognition.

Hassan Raza Yousafi, member of provincial council said that if the central government and local Ghazni officials don’t pay serious attention to the killing of civilians, it may result on ethnic conflicts in the area. He criticised the local Ghazni governance and said it is weak and unable to prevent such incidents.

There has been a rise in the number of security incidence in Ghazni.

Taliban have not commented on the incident and no one has taken the responsibility yet.

Our citizen journalist notes that the area where the incident occurred is out of government control and there is no Afghan National Security Forces presence there.


Explosion targeting civilian vehicle kills 12 in Ghazni

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- Muhammad Ibrahim Amiri hails from Waghiz district of Ghazni province. He graduated from Wakeel Muhammad Jan High School and is currently studying journalism at Ghazni University. He also works as a provincial journalist with Shamdhad TV. He has been contributing to Paiwandgah for the last one year and is an active citizen Journalist from the south.