Construction on a new building that will house the Directorate of Education in Helmand was recently concluded. The two storey building that took nearly a year to build is located in the heart of capital city of Lashkargah in the Koka Bazra area.

However, several surrounding areas that belong to the Education Directorate are currently being occupied illegally by shop owners. The Director of Education in Helmand province Abdul Mateen Jafar informed that there several other pieces of land owned by the directorate but are currently being occupied illegally by people who have build shops on them. “We will clear those areas and begin construction of a high school building soon,” he said.

According to the officials in Helmand, there are only 153 schools in the province with have buildings which are built to standards. However, there are still at least 250 other schools which have poor or no infrastructure at all.

Paiwandgāh Citizen Journalist Sardar Muhammad Sarwari informs that even though a new building has been constructed for the directorate of educations, its surrounding environment is still in a very bad condition. The area beside this building is very dirty and several illegal structures continue to stand on the land.

The new building boasts several administration offices and other facilities including access to internet. “All expenses of this building, around 9.5 million Afghanis, have been paid for by the Ministry of Education, and was built on an half acre of land,” Jafar adds. But despite this, the employees of the directorate complain that they are unable to work in such an environment.

The officials of directorate assure that they have raised the issue with the Municipality of Lashkargah city and that the area will soon be cleared of illegal shops.


Helmand’s Education Directorate faces problems with illegal occupants around new building

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