It is a great pride for the Afghan nation to qualify for the Cricket World Cup 2015. Up until now Afghanistan had been famous for being a war-torn country, but now through Cricket we can show the world our best side. Afghan cricket team must be praised for qualifying in the World Cup in a very short time. It shows the positive change that has taken place in the country. The Afghan cricket team has shown their braveness and perseverance to the rest of the world. Our government should always support cricket and other sports.

I will welcome our cricket team when they come back home. The Afghan cricket team has brought a smile to us. They are the spreading the message of peace. I will watch all their matches on the TV and will follow them on social media. I am happy to see the sports culture in my country is growing wider and inclusive. Our people have always supported cricket and foot ball players. –Muhammad Akmal Munas from Takhar

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

Afghan cricket team’s qualification to the World Cup 2015 is a great pride for the nation. I personally don’t follow cricket and don’t have any interest in the sport, but I will encourage and support our team through social media. Unfortunately, the area I live in doesn’t have reliable electricity, and so I won’t be able follow the matches live. – Raza Radmeher from Sar-e-Pul

Cricket Celebration

The victory of Afghan cricket team will show to the world what our country is capable of. It will also help our players find self-confidence so that they can further continue their efforts. I will congratulate them along with my countrymen through social media.

If any of the civil society organizations held any gathering for the cricket players, I will participate to support them. I will watch all the matches live and support our national players. – Abdul Bashir Sarwari from Balkh

Afghans have played bravely in international matches and have many achievements. I think that the government should build cricket grounds, provide training programs so that players can be professional and can find better referees. Government should provide good equipments to the players, especially to the new ones.

I was supporting Pakistan and Indian teams in the World Cup, but now we have our own team, and I support Afghanistan. I am excited, I feel like flying and cheering for Afghanistan. Now, our own players play to bring pride to our country. We are proud of every one of them. For me, Afghan national team’s qualification to the 2015 Cricket World Cup is as good as they have won the World Cup. We will accept any achievement made by our team.

I support all cricket zones of the country, cricket has united us. I have witnessed that people has celebrated national player’s victory with as much passion as the Independence Day. I love cricket, I will stay awake with my friends till morning to watch the matches. I hope that Afghan TV channels will show the matches live. – Rafiqullah Masoom from Kunar

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

The victory of Afghan Cricket team will enhance our country’s image in the world and will encourage other players to achieve more. I hope our national players do not lose self-confidence and will not accept loss. I look forward to watching the matches eagerly, but unfortunately I don’t have reliable electricity in Daikundi University’s hostel. I will not be able to watch the matches live on TV. – Hamida Wafayi from Daikundi

Victory of the Afghan national team will positively affect the country. I will share my happiness through social media and weblog access. I am a big fan of cricket and want to watch all matches live. I won’t miss any game. –Ali Meher Ayen from Bamyan

The victory of the Afghan team will leave a positive impact on the Afghan people. Our national players are like the doves of peace who carry Afghan flag to all corners of the world and represent a peaceful Afghanistan. I want to watch all the matches live. –Farhad Bihroz from Kapisa

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

Afghan cricket team victory is a step forward in sports development. It is a matter of pride to all Afghans. I will encourage my team and will congratulate them upon their arrival. I will thank them for the pride they bring to the country. – Amadullah Khpalwak from Kunduz

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

Afghanistan has gained a good reputation in sports. Hope that the Afghan National Cricket players will come with full hands. They must be motivated. I will watch the matches live on TV. – Abdul Mansoor Aqtash from Kunduz

To support cricket, first we should include cricket in to the curriculum. Secondly, Afghan Cricket Board must launch tournaments in the districts and different provinces and they should construct play grounds in various places. Third, cricket board should pay special attention to provincial cricket teams as a back-up and supportive ones for the national team. Fourth, local tournaments in districts and in provinces must be launched at least once a year. If we implement the above mentioned four plans, cricket in Afghanistan will improve and get more publicity. In this way we can find new faces. All sports, especially cricket can be improved with the help of media. They should produce programs to support cricket, so that it can encourage the current and future players. I hope all the matches will be available live on TVs.

If Afghanistan wins some of the matches, they will get higher in the ICC ranking. They will get more benefits and national team will gain more respect and credit among Afghans. And most importantly, that the Afghan Cricket team will get the attention of the world. I love my cricket team. I will watch their matches even at 2:30 midnight. Afghanistan is participating in Cricket world cup for the first time, and this is of most importance to us. Afghan cricket team matches will be worth watching whether they win or lose. – Jamil Waqar from Ghazni

how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut



Here’s how Afghans are cheering Afghanistan Cricket teams World Cup debut

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