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In today’s world, cultural dialogue is very important among the youth across different countries. In fact, most countries are investing large amounts of money to facilitate such events. By providing such opportunities, countries attempt to build close relations and eliminate misunderstandings and misinterpretations between the youth. Such dialogues provide the opportunity for youths of different countries to come together, discuss, exchange ideas that results in better understanding as well as peace, stabilities and tranquility in the region.

For this reason, Nasl-e-Naween Afghanistan organization (which translates to new generation of Afghanistan) provided this opportunity in cooperation with Pad Foundation Pakistan. This five-day program was from Sunday, June 24 and was called the AfPak Youth Dialogue.

Afghanistan and Pakistan are neighbors with a common history and culture, but unfortunately over the past few decades, these commons cultures have not provided the opportunity for better understandings. For some reasons, distances have been created between these two nations which has led to misunderstandings and misinterpretations among the people of both the countries.

AfPak Youth Dialogue was held in the effort to improve relations among the youth of the two countries. Several challenges remain in achieving this, such as, citizens of both countries hold negative perspective towards each other and do not understand each other’s dialogues easily. However, such programs provide the opportunity to improve understandings and familiarity with the problems both the countries face.

Interestingly, over 60% of the population in both countries comprises of young people. The youth on both sides want peace and stability. Considering the conditions in both countries, youth can play big a role in peace and stability process through tools like digital and social media.

In the five days of the AfPak Youth Dialogue, participants made efforts to increase cooperation between Afghan and Pakistani youths for common goals.

In the coming months, participants will share information on women issues in the two countries, academic dialogues, and programs for the children and cultural seminars in both countries.

While there is no guarantee that such programs will wholly eliminate the biases and misunderstanding month Afghans and Paskistanis, but we can confidently say that in it will definitely made a difference in the long run.


How the youth in Afghanistan and Pakistan can help the peace process

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