The Kandahar Industrial Park, located in Shorandam area of Kandahar was forced to shut shops due to lack of electricity few days ago. Few of the businesses had already closed previously due to various issues, but as of two weeks ago all the companies in the industrial park have been close operations due to lack of electric supply for nearly 10 days.

Paiwandgah Citizen Journalist Sadiq Rishtini reported that there are 200 companies and more than 4000 employees who work in the industrial park. The closure of the businesses has resulted in sever unemployment.

Faizulhaq Mushkani, head of Kandahar industrial union, informed that around 4500 individuals have lost their jobs in the process. He criticized the government saying, “If they are not able to solve our problems in ensuing water, clearance, road construction, they can at the very least provide us electricity so that our companies are not closed.”

According to our citizen journalist, earlier it was USAID who provided them with diesel generators to ensure electricity to the industrial park, but now that their contract has ended businessmen have been left in a lurch.

Amanullah Farooqi, Kandahar electricity deputy head, said that they will provide three megawatt electricity to the industrial park.

In all, Kandahar needs 150 megawatt electricity, but is currently only receiving 10 megawatt electricity from Kajaki dam in Helmand province


Lack of electricity shut businesses in Kandahar

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