LIVE: Protesters gather in Kabul demanding #TUTAP lines be routed through Bamyan

Location: Kabul
Economic malaise, political intrigue and ethnic tensions are all coming together in what could be an explosive combination. Political leaders drawn mainly from the Hazara ethnic minority are calling for as many as one million people to come together in a protest demonstration in the capital on Monday. Follow our blog updates on the protests from Kabul as well as solidarity protests in other provinces around Afghanistan. Paiwandgāh citizen journalist will also be reporting on counter protest from provinces as well.
For a detailed background report on TUTAP, read here

May 16, Monday, 2:10 PM:

Protestor in Bamyan express solidarity with compatriots in Kabul over TUTAP dispute

“I am here to do my duty towards my people and my country,” explained a middle-aged woman at the protests in Bamyan. The province is witnessing simultaneous solidarity demonstrations in support of Kabul protests, on Monday. “Everyone should know that women are also a part of this society and can get what’s their right along side Afghan men,” she added.


“I am here to do my duty towards my people and my country, ” shared one of the protesters in Bamian. (Photo by: Najiba Noori)

Another elderly man attended the protests with his grandson. “I have spent all my life in darkness. I’m here for the future of my children and their rights, so that I don’t feel ashamed before them in the future,” he expressed.


“I have spent all my life in darkness. I am here for the future of my children,” said an elderly man who attended the protest with his grandson in Bamian. (Photo by: Najiba Noori)

“I believe that government dsicriminated when they changed the original route of of TUTAP power line from Bamiyan – Maidan Wardak, even though the German firm recommended Bamyan as the best route,” shared another protestor Mohammad Aman Rahgozar. “It will greatly benefit the country if this line passes through Bamiyan, because the power line will pass two coal mines and it will create job opportunities,” he added.

May 16,Monday,1:14:

While some protesters brought flowers to security forces at the TUTAP demonstrations in Kabul on Monday, some others indulged in pelting stones at the large containers used to block roads to the Presidential palace.
“We have brought flowers, so that if the security forces are ordered to slap us in the face, we’ll respond by giving them flowers,” explains civil society activist Sami Darayi.
Hazara People International Network

Protesters giving flowers to security forces. (Photo by: Facebook page, Hazara People International Network)

On the other hand, a few protestors took aggressive measures against the blockades placed by security forces, hurling stones at them. Journalists and photographers near Pul-e-artal area in Kabul were allegedly also attacked by protesters.

Civil society activists, tribal elders, youth, businessmen along with thousands of common people gathered on Sunday, May 15,to add their voices to the protests surrounding the TUTAP power lines. The Khost protesters want to keep the power lines routed through Salang, as is currently the plan. Read full story here


Demonstrations in Khost to counter ongoing protests over the route of the TUTAP lines. (Photo by: Farooq Jan Mangal)

May 16, Monday, 10:54:

In Bamian, thousands turned out on Monday, May 16, to support the  #TUTAP #enlighteningmovement protests in Kabul.
Demonstrators are demanding that the TUTAP power lines be routed through Bamian; the government has planned to route it through Salang.

Several hundreds demonstrators take to the streets of Bamyan in solidarity with protesters in Kabul. (Photo by: Noorullah Azizi)


Bamyan demonstrators extend support to the #enlighteningmovements protest in Kabul. (Photo by: Najiba Noori)


Protesters demand that TUTAP power lines be routed through Bamyan. (Photo by: Najiba Noori)

May 16, Monday, 9:50 AM:

Government has blocked several roads across the city leading to the Presidential Palace with large shipping containers stacked one on top of another.

May 16, Monday,9:20 AM:


LIVE: Protesters gather in Kabul demanding #TUTAP lines be routed through Bamyan

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