Development has taken a backseat, and the residents claim the region remains forgotten by the government

Khanashin, also known as Reg, is a district in Helmand located about 170kms south of the provincial capital of Lashkargah. Residents here face dire living conditions as security situations worsen. Development has taken a backseat, and the residents claim the region remains forgotten by the government, reports Paiwandgāh Citizen Journalist Sardar Muhammad Sarwari.

“Our schools and clinics have been destroyed. While infrastructural development has been halted due to security issues, nothing is being done to reinforce the area,” a local shared their plight with Sarwary. “We’ve asked the Governor of Helmand to provide the region with more security forces, but are yet to receive any response.”

Khanashin district shares borders with the Baluchistan region of Pakistan, allowing insurgents easy access into the country. There has been an increase in insurgent activities targeting police checkpoints. Internally, Khanashin also has a border with the Desho district, notorious for being a Taliban stronghold for several years. Many smuggling groups operating from the region have also contributed to deteriorating security situation in the district.

Poor security has led the government to abandon reconstruction work in the district, the residents state. “The government behaviour towards Khanashin is very step-motherly,” they complained. They urge the government to build schools and clinics in the district. They want the government to direct public welfare projects towards Khanashin to help boost development in the region

On his part, Mirza Khan Rahimi, the governor of Helmand has assured the people that things will change for the better. Rahimi was appointed the governor of the province on June 4, 2015.

Rahimi, who started his career from this district, has made corruption the centre of his agenda and has asked the locals to help combat the issue from within. He asked people to stand up against corruption in government offices and help eradicate it.

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Why the step-motherly treatment to Khanashin district? Helmand residents ask government

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